The Supper Club, Melbourne CBD

Spring Street, Melbourne. Bright Lights. Cars. The big city. Theatres. Musicals. Restaurants. Fine wine.

You head down the street, past an unmarked door. You pause, turn back, open this door. You trudge up the flight of stairs as warm jazz hits your ears. At the top, you are in a secret lounge, warmly lit, filled with large, comfortable, chocolate leather couches. Columbia looks down at you from a huge painting on the wall. The waiter smiles and shows you to a seat.

You order a bottle of wine from the generous menu. You sip at a glass of it. It is good, delicately textured. You order some food. The mood of the place takes over.

Later yet, you take a journey upstairs to the rooftop bar. It is a little chilly, even for November. You get them to make you a dirty Martini. It is exquisite, the perfect balance of salty, bitter and tart.

You watch the city from where you stand. The wind rustles your hair.

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