The London Tavern Hotel, Richmond

The Toff (my friend Dan the English Man) was running away from us in Melbourne in the late summer, and so he took us to a pub I had never been to. To set the scene, during daylight savings time, in Melbourne, the sun sets sometime after 8pm and before 9. It’s fairly warm, sometimes obscenely hot, and occasionally freezing. Every suburb will have at least 2 or 3 pubs, some of which are hidden in alleyways where no-one would ever suspect a Public House to be situated, usually with an outdoor courtyard known as a “beer garden” and with a quite random selection of beers and other drinks on tap. In this tradition is The London Tavern Hotel, 238 Lennox Street, Richmond.

The weather that fine day certainly biases the reviewer, as does the atmosphere. The London, true to its name bears wood panelled floors and a good solid bar, a brick cladding from the late Victorian era with that industrial revolution feel and a large, airy, sunny beer garden. It is, shall we say, one of the few pubs with an English theme that lives up to its name of recreating an authentic feel.

The beers on tap are nothing to write home about but do constitute your usual serviceable choice of a couple of cheaper local beers, a couple of the more expensive Stella/Pure Blonde variety; the food similarly is tasty, reasonably varied but nothing to write home about.

However that’s not the point. It’s a pub that you go to with your friends and enjoy your summers in, sitting outside, or huddle next to the fire in winter while catching up on what you’ve been up to in the past few weeks. It’s a good pub with a friendly set of staff and a lovely building. It’s a local.

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