One Step Closer to Liberation!

It seems that the coun­try of Aus­tralia upon which I dwell has taken a step towards the even­tual eman­cip­a­tion of those who are referred to as “Red­heads”.

As noted pre­vi­ously, the state of Greece shall at some point breed these delect­able curi­os­it­ies for sale to the house­holds of the future upon an island. This island shall elect a leader known as the Min­is­ter for Pet Red­heads (who is destined inev­it­ably to be the lovely and delight­ful Pet Red­head) who arbit­rates for the rights of these strange creatures.

The cur­rent Shadow Min­is­ter for Pet Red­heads in the con­tin­ent of Aus­tralia, Sexy Jules G has been elec­ted to the pos­i­tion of Deputy Leader of the Oppos­i­tion, much to the con­sterna­tion of fash­ion com­ment­at­ors country-wide.

While the con­ser­vat­ive Aus­tralian press and par­lia­ment­ari­ans may deride this devel­op­ment, I feel that this is but an inev­it­able step on the march of pro­gress. Let us look forth to the day when Red­heads will stand together with human­ity as one, and this minor­ity shall be coun­ted in the ranks of human­kind!

I have a dream!

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One thought on “One Step Closer to Liberation!

  1. unfalln

    One day we will have our own nation. Once we claim our nat­ive right to most of the North­ern Ter­rit­ory and the north of West­ern Australia.

    And we will not need lead­ers, as we can com­mu­nic­ate freely between ourselves without speaking.

    Not that any of this com­mu­nic­a­tion is neces­sar­ily positive…

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